I'm very excited to be teaching on one of this year's prestigious Arvon writing courses. 

The fiction writing course runs April 15-20 in Arvon's beautiful Lumb Bank in Yorkshire. 

The course is called Fiction: Unlearning rules, building instinct.

My co-tutor will be the incredible prize-winning novelist, Samantha Harvey (The Wilderness, All is Song, Dear Thief, The Western Wind). We will also be joined by a very special guest - Darcy Nicholson, Commissioning Editor at Transworld (Penguin Random House).

We write from unseen places within ourselves. Rules can help as waymarkers, but unhelpful rules often get in the way of that inner propulsion: our instinct. What is it that makes you want to write? What is it, really, that you want to say? Which conventions might help, and which might hinder? We’ll spend this week engaging in free and bold writing practice. This is an intermediate course, for those who’ve started writing a work of fiction. We want to help you connect with the initial urge that set the process going and explore approaches that allow that urge to take its best form.

For more details, view the Arvon course page.