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Photograph by Philippa Gedge


Associations and member groups that I am proud to belong to:
  • Historical Writers' Association - I'm currently a committee member of this wonderful collection of like-minded writers.
  • The Prime Writers - a group of inspiring writers who all had their debut novel published in their 40s. Because some things are worth waiting for
  • Society of Authors - a treasuretrove of literary advice and legal guidance
Helpful sites for authors:
  • The Bookseller - up-to-date news from the publishing industry
  • Historia - the online magazine of the Historical Writers' Association
  • Matt Haig - author of some brilliant books but also the most entertaining and insightful blog on the trials and tribulations of being a writer
  • Ten Rules for Writing Fiction - authors' personal dos and don'ts, thanks to The Guardian

Great theatre companies and individuals I am currently working with:
  • To The Moon - exciting new theatre company that produced my first full-length play, Claustrophobia
  • Theatre Bench - Claustrophobia was also generously produced by this fine company too!
  • A Little Bird Whispered - a truly inspiring creative and producer of theatre, art, poetry and music

And, of course, I can't miss out these:

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