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Audience reactions on Opening Night

Cast interview with Michael Cusick and Natasha Pring

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My latest play Claustrophobia debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe before transferring to the Hope Theatre, London in 2015. It was produced by To the Moon, in association with Theatre Bench and Epsilon Productions. 


'We could do whatever we like in here and no one would ever know.'

'Apart from you and me.'

A woman. A man. Trapped. 

Isolated from the outside world, games and fantasies blur into memories neither wishes to confront. Claustrophobia puts relationships under the microscope and asks – “what does it mean to be in control?”


Natasha Pring - Rachel

Michael Cusick - Aidan

Director - Sharon Burrell

Designer - Tom Burrell

Movement Director - Shelby Williams

Assistant Director - Anto Cossu

What the critics said:

★★★★ 'A great theatrical show... has haunted me since last night with its myriad potential meanings' - London Theatre 1

★★★★ 'Proof that you don't need elaborate sets or convoluted plots to make compelling theatre. Just talented actors, direction and a small square stage' 

Female Arts

★★★★ 'Intense, realistic and gripping' Remote Goat

'A comic yet poignant display of survival not necessarily of physical horror, but of one’s innermost horrors: A strong first contribution to the London Fringe' - 

London Pub Theatres

'A well-performed two-hander (and) polished production' The Play's The Thing

What the critics said about the Edinburgh Fringe production, 2014: 

★★★★ 'Instantly the play is ominous, foreboding' 

A Younger Theatre

★★★★ 'An enjoyable, well directed play with strong performances and a great script' 

Three Weeks

'A nail-biting thriller... compelling characters... sharply observed and engrossing' 

The Scotsman

Hear my ten-minute radio interview about Claustrophobia on Edinburgh's student radio station, Freshair by clicking here.

My interview with Three Weeks about the play and much, much more. 

Based on an original idea by Sharon Burrell, first performed at COGArts and the St James Theatre, with a rehearsed reading at the Bush Theatre and support from Old Vic New Voices.

For more information about the Creative Team please visit the To the Moon website. 

Production Photographs (photography by Nikki Leigh Scott Wills)


Episodic was devised by and the brainchild of Lucinda Lloyd (A Little Bird Whispered productions). It was performed at The Courtyard Theatre, Shoreditch in January 2013. 

This was not strictly speaking a play so I'm taking liberties adding it here, but it was a piece of immersive theatre which I provided the accompanying text for.

An eclectic company of artists weave a tapestry of episodes exploring the vulnerability and brutality of life in an attempt to find a balance.

Finding freedom of expression through multiple disciplines including movement, art, poetry and puppetry, the artists devise a theatrical event which also enables the audience to find their own voice and express their response to the work:  Participants are invited to enter a creative space within the theatre where their contributions will create an installation which will be woven into the performance.

For more information about A Little Bird Whispered visit Lucinda Lloyd's website.

One Last Thing

My first production was a short play co-written with the rather talented, Billy Hicks. The play was called One Last Thing and was performed at The Cockpit Theatre, London, directed by Petina Hapgood, in March 2012. It was a farce set at a wake and as well as co-writing it I played Jack, the alcoholic brother of the deceased which meant I got to wander aimlessly about the stage swigging from a bottle of wine, clambering on the furniture and generally bringing chaos to the whole proceedings. It was riotous fun!